Military and Defense

Since the early 1990’s our bonded rubber and silicone solutions became the industry standard for critical components of tank munitions.

Propriety bonding technologies allow us to mold and bond silicone rubber to various metal elements especially of critical firing applications installed in various types of tank munitions warheads and shells basses.

Major engineering efforts resulted advanced warhead elements aimed to reduce environmental damage to a minimum. Special bonded collar seals molded directly on shell bases increase the safety of the crew by preventing gas and fume from entering the crew cabin. 

Our reliable compounds operate through the most demanding environments while withstanding exposures to extreme high-pressure and exhaust gases, high temperature and prolonged storage conditions in field-like conditions.

Our high-performance rubber compounds comply with various test specifications, in line with the requirements of the air-force, the navy and the military and according to SAE, AMS and ASTM D2000 standards. 

The types of products we produce for these industries include customized silicone moldings of fragmented warheads, customized silicone collars bonded on base shells, customized dampers absorbing firing impacts, engine seals, hydraulic seals and O-rings, Flat-rings, geometrical gaskets, petrol seals, service panels bonded to rubber, shielding seals and O-rings for EMI and RFI applications, oxygen seals and diaphragms and more.