Manufacturing capabilities

manufacturing capabilities

Our production facilities include compounding and mixing department, a self-test rubber laboratory, a modern quality assurance department equipped with 3-axis opto-digital measuring instruments, advanced lines of vacuum compression presses for compression molding, transfer and injection molding  with clamping forces of 65T, 150T, 250T and 500T, XY die-cut 7 stamping machines and a modern two-stage Barwell cryogenic de-flashing system.
A team of quality inspection technicians perform 100% inspections prior to final inspections packaging and labeling.

Our manufacturing process is monitored by barcode system and totally managed through a rigorous ERP system to ensure that every step from your preliminary request for quotation through production and delivery is documented for traceably and has been carried out correctly.

As a standard procedure we provide detailed documentations including certificate of analysis – COA, first article report – FAI, certificate of testing – COT and certificate of conformance – COC, and serviceable tags – ST, all to assure quality compliance according to your comprehensive required specifications.

On average, we are committed to delivery of build-to-print high quality molded or injected samples within 21 working days, and serial parts within 45 working days. Finished parts are delivered by couriers to assure fast delivery and traceability during shipment. 

We provide

A secure path from prototypes and samples through serial production. Molding – SKM Aeronautics design and cut molds using a state-of-the-artmold-shop for achieving precision rubber parts according to strictest aeronautics standards. We offer hard-tools and soft-tools for Compression Molding, Transfer and Injection Molding, and Stamping Tools for Die-Cut. The most suitable type of mold technology, as well as the number of cavities, is carefully selected in order to best serve the quality of the product along with our client allowed budget. From our experience we know that quality molds produce quality parts, therefore we utilize the highest quality components and operate a modern computer system that run CAD and CAM software allowing us to efficiently design and produce custom molds for rubber