Aerospace & Aviation

We are proud to supply reliable components produced according to AS9100 quality standard.

For decades our aeronautics rubber and sealing solutions are the industry benchmark for their high-quality, precision-engineering and reliability.

Our parts operate through the most demanding service environments, withstanding extended exposure to extreme temperature range, prolonged exposure to jet fuels and oils, while proofing durable performance under mechanical strains.

Our high-performance rubber compounds comply with various test specifications, in line with the requirements of the air-force, the navy and the military and according to SAE, AMS and ASTM D2000 standards. 

The types of products we produce for these industries include engine seals, hydraulic seals and O-rings, Flat-rings, geometrical gaskets, petrol seals, service panels bonded to rubber, miniature shock absorbers and dampers, shielding seals and O-rings for EMI and RFI applications, landing gear panels, oxygen seals and diaphragms and more.