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We have a broad range of experience and practical knowledge in designing and manufacturing of customized rubber parts while solving complex problems for various industries. Our capabilities include:  

Our Engineering department offers hand-to-hand design support in planning and designing complex customized rubber solutions according to our customer’s specific needs. Our professional team has a broad range of know-how and practical experience, in designing, manufacturing, and testing rubber parts, designated to solve complex problems of various applications of the most demanding industries. Using industry’s most advanced design and simulation tools, we offer a comprehensive design support of new rubber parts and reverse engineering for production of existing parts. Our involvement and contribution from your early design stage assures that the design’s outcomes will be manufacturable, accurate, reliable, cost effective and in-line with industry’s strictest standards.

Expertise in polymer technologies and selections according to performance requirements

Hand-in-hand from rubber formulation to product application

Versatility to join and support you at any stage from concept through part validation

An expert design engineering department for customized solutions

Strong mechanical background and industrial design orientation

Reverse engineering and reconstruction of obsolete parts

Computer Aided Design through all stages

Support with plastics, metals and composite materials offering you a real one-stop-shop

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