Electronics, Electro Optics & Semiconductors

The Electronics, Electro-Optics and Semiconductors industries use a wide variety of rubber and silicone materials. These industries require high manufacturing standards to enable uncompromised performance under harsh working conditions. In general, we differentiate between two types of rubber compounds Conductive Compounds and Isolative Compounds.

Conductive compounds are commonly used in electrically conductive elastomeric shielding gaskets, intended for installation in Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) / Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) applications. This unique group of exotic materials is technically specified according to: MIL-DTL 83528C and classified according to rubber types and filler types. These compounds are commonly based on silicone rubber or flourosilicone rubber filled with silver, silver plated aluminum, copper, nickel etc.’. In addition, some conductive compounds are based on conductive carbon-blacks which are usually specified according to different specifications such as military, navy or federal.  

Isolative compounds are commonly used for environmental sealing and mainly based on high grades of silicone, flourosilicone and non-black fluorocarbon. This wide segment of seals is usually specified according to various military, navy and federal standards and in recent years also by the ASTM D2000 standard, depending on the specific application.  

In some cases, our clients, mainly from the aeronautics and marine segments, have special needs for dual-purpose antenna seals and communication and power supply seals, where one face of the seal is conductive, and the other face of the seal is isolative. We mold this unique type of dual-purpose seals in multiple geometries and shapes both solid and hollow.    

The compounds used for these industries are usually characterized by high purity and reduced contamination, minimal de-gassing and particles emission, resistance to reactive fluids, high thermal resistance, high chemical stability, resistance to corrosive gases, high permeability and extended expiry date. The manufacturing process and quality control are performed in clean-room environment.

The types of products we produce for these industries include O-Rings and Gaskets, Grommets, geometrical molded parts such as Lens-Covers, Eye-Guards, Isolators and Profiles.