About Us

SKM Aeronautics is a leading boutique manufacturer of customized and precision rubber sealing solutions.

Certified to quality standards AS9100 aerospace and aviation, ISO13485:2016 medical devices and ISO9001:2015 industrial standard and with over 60 years of experience in the core of the rubber industry, SKM provides reliable and innovative sealing solutions to meet the most demanding of end-user applications, in industries such as aerospace and aviation, military and defense, communication and electro-optics, energy oil and gas, semiconductors, medical devices and automotive, we can safely say: we’ve “rubbered” them all.

With an honest belief that no challenge is too great for rubber, we take your vision and make it a reality. Driven by genuine commitment and dedication, we work closely with our clients to design and produce fully customized rubber parts that meet their specifications and exact requirements. 

Our experienced staff of technicians and engineers provide comprehensive support every step of the way, from rubber formulation to part application. We advise on and take care of specification analysis, selection of material, engineering design support, rapid prototyping, tool design and production and serial production, while focusing on time-to-market and uncompromising quality.

Among our satisfied clients: Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Ministry of Defense (MOD), Israeli Air Force (IAF), Israel Military Industries (IMI), Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Elbit Systems, El-Op, Elisra, Cyclone Aviation (for Boeing), BSEL Industries, Motorola, Ashot-Ashkelon Industries, Flextronics and many more.

Stretching Rubber Performance Further Than You Can Imagine

Our benefits

Our Benefits

As a true one-stop-shop, SKM provides a complete solution for customized molded and bonded rubber and silicone parts.

With over 60 years of experience in the core of the aviation and military rubber industries, we are accustomed to providing comprehensive services of design support and manufacturing. Our experienced team of technicians and engineers are constantly focused on producing high quality and reliable parts at short and effective time-to-market cycles.

Choosing to work with SKM provides much more than just a production workshop floor. As a leading manufacturer of rubber seals of the Israeli air industry for the KFIR and LAVI fighter aircrafts, and as manufacture of precision tank munition components to the Israeli munition industry and Elbit Group, and with a successful track record of several classified projects in the core of the defense industry, awarded by the state for excellency and novel in design and production, SKM offers diverse capabilities and practical field experience for solving complex problems in the rubber industry.

 SKM is an active partner several European consortiums among them SOFTSLIDE and MOULDTEX aimed for developing novel friction.  technologies in rubber parts based on 3DMicro texturing, and CO-VERSITILE aimed for re-purposing production lines during emergency periods, such as COVID-19.  The outcomes already allow us to predefine friction levels of rubber seals according to the customized requirements of our clients. Furthermore, during molding we can implement complex 3DMicro-textures on every rubber surface, in order to obtain aesthetics purposes but mainly functional purposes such as: 3DMicro-textures for reduced friction of static and dynamic seals, 3DMicro velvet structure for enhanced increased friction for bonding applications, 3DMicro pyramided structure for acoustics reduction and noise absorptions, and more. Our consortiums benefit the unique contributions of several European academic institutions and research centers together with leading manufactures, each carefully selected as a specialist in its field. The integration of these novel technologies is implemented by SKM on molded rubber parts, while verification is carried out directly with our clients at the most demanding service conditions.

Contact us If you have a complex rubber challenge to solve and let us assist and stretch the rubber boundaries for your application.

Analysis Of Your Application

A study of your part requirements will provide us with recommendations of the most suitable rubber compound for the application.
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Laboratory Rubber Tests

The recommended rubber compound is provided with a certificate of analysis (COA) presenting the typical rubber specifications according to various industry test methods and standards.
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Engineering Design Support

Recommendations improvements regarding the geometry and the structural design of your part, allowing mold-ability and manufacturability of complex parts. We can also recommend implementation of 3D-micro texturing on the rubber surface when applicable for your application.
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Our Fast-track molding of samples and rapid prototypes is based on soft tooling assuring authentic and reliable functional results of the preliminary molded samples. The process includes quality control and documentation such as certificate of analysis (COA), first article inspections (FAI), certificate of test (COT) and certificate of compliance (COC).
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Design and production of serial tools, for mass-production, based on various technologies and depends on application, geometry and the size of the series. Tools are cut to allow long lasting service and tight tolerances considerations.
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Serial Manufacturing

Cost-effective serial manufacturing, based on several production technologies such as compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding, die-cut and stamping, with up to 100% batch inspections assuring the highest quality standards in the rubber industry. Documentation includes certificate of analysis (COA), first article inspections (FAI), certificate of test (COT) and certificate of compliance (COC).
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Assuring quality above all

SKM’s quality system is certified to AS9100 space and aviation, ISO13485:2016 medical devices and ISO9001:2015 industrial standard, assuring strict quality and precession manufacturing.

In addition to external audits by international authorized certification bodies, our quality system is also certified ship to stock – STS, and ship to line – STL, to most of our demanding clients.

 SKM’s quality assurance and final inspection departments are constantly involved in all the production stages, from design of prototypes and samples through serial production. Our quality inspection team implements the strictest quality standard procedures for measuring, testing and documenting aeronautics, aviation, military and medical parts, thus ensuring the required traceability of each production order.

Using a variety of advanced optical and mechanical testing and measuring instruments, our quality assurance team performs rigorous quality assurance testing ensuring that all parts are carefully tested and documented.
 Our technicians accurately measure every dimension against the original specifications as indicated in the part’s drawing, thus verifying that all the required specifications are in-line with the strictest industry standards.

For each production order we generate and supply documentations including a certificate of analyses – COA, a certificate of test – COT and a certificate of compliance – COC. In addition, we internally document a production flat route card – FRC, which documents and summarizes the production traceably and history of each order, along with its respective rubber, tools, machines and work procedures. Only fully tested and approved parts are packed, marked and barcoded with serviceable tags and delivered to our client’s line or stock. Quality is our DNA.



We test according to a variety of performance rubber
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Environment, Safety & Health Policy

In addition to satisfy our customer’s needs and requests with the best products, quality and service, we are committed to creating an environment- friendly, safe and healthy workplace for our staff and for our sustainable future.

  • Protect our employees, the environment and local communities.
  • Ensure full compliance with legislation, regulations and requirements, to include corporate and customer requirements.
  • Perform activities related to energy savings and environmental protection, to promote efficient using of all resources.
  • Prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, reduce waste and continually progress toward zero waste.
  • Prevent injuries and ESH incidents and continually progress toward zero injuries.
  • Implement education and activity on ESH issues in order to enhance our staff’s understanding of accident awareness, risk control, health management, and emergency response capability.