The exact product you require

Our comprehensive work process ensures you receive the exact product you require.
We begin by getting a clear understanding of your exact needs and the product’s specifications, performance, functionality and reliability. Whether you have the exact specifications or just a general concept of how to create your desired product, our team will advise on the selection of materials to deliver the required functionality, as well as how to optimize the design and geometry and how to test and validate your product.

We are totally committed to quality and cost effective manufacture-able solutions.

Our specialization

We specialize in the entire range of rubber materials, from the basic natural rubber to advanced high-performance synthetic types of rubber. Once we analyzed and determined the characteristics of the rubber that will best meet the required functionality, we will define the precise formulation that will suit your product.

After your rubber compound has been produced, our lab technicians perform a series of mechanical and chemical validation tests to ensure it complies with the required standards and specifications. The rubber undergoes a set of documented tests including: cure curve profiling (Rheometer), hardness, tensile strength, elongation, tear resistance, elasticity, specific gravity, compression set, as well as various aging tests by air, liquids and more.