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S.K.M's main product includes more then 2800 different sizes of O-Rings, ranging from 0.4-15.00 mm (width) and  0.8-771.53 mm (Inside diameter), specified in O-Rings Catalog S-1 (PDF Version).

Most of the standard sizes are included within this catalog. For instance: AS568A (size only), MS29561, MS9021, MS29513, M83248/1/2, M25988/1/3/4 and many more.

S.K.M's standard compounds meet nearly all rubber material specifications.

O-Rings manufactured in our company are visually inspected according to MIL-ST-413 specification.

bulletDownload complete O-Ring sizes catalog S-1 (PDF Version)  
bullet(new!!) Download AS-568A (series 2) O-Rings Sizes catalog (PDF format)
bullet(new!!) Download AS-568A (series 3) O-Rings Sizes catalog (PDF format)
bulletIf you wish to receive updates of the O-Rings catalogs by email send us a message.


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