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Quality With No Limits

lab2.jpg (24673 bytes)S.K.M Aeronautics employs a skilled staff of chemical and technical engineers. The Company’s engineers are at our customer’s disposal for devising manufacturing solutions for different problems.

S.K.M Aeronautics’s laboratories consist of state of the art facilities. Lab tests are preformed according to ASTM-D standards. Our measuring equipment is calibrated by a certified ISO GUIDE 25 laboratory (by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority).

All the material compounds and products, manufactured in S.K.M Aeronautics, are tested to meet customer’s demands and quality standards, such as: ASTM-D-2000 (SAE-j200), AMS, MIL-ST and many more.

S.K.M Aeronautics is a ISO-9001:2000 certified manufacturer.

S.K.M Aeronautics is certified by IQNet institute.

S.K.M Aeronautics is certified by the Israeli Air Force to manufacture usable avionics products.

S.K.M Aeronautics is certified by Elbit

S.K.M Aeronautics is certified by Elbit Cyclone

SAE J1601 - Rubber cups for hydraulic actuating cylinders.

S.K.M Aeronautics is certified Rafael

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